Thor Filtration's High Performance Ambient Air Filters

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Woodturning enthusiasts across the UK who whom recall the sad demise of Microclene and the phoenix-like rise in its place of Thor Filtration, may well be aware that their range of high-performance ambient air filters is available through The ToolPost.


There are more than a few reasons why, whether as an amateur or professional in woodturning, you should take great interest in these fabulous machines. It is now rightly recognised just how crucial it is for woodturners to suitably protect themselves from the effects of dust in their workshops.

Furthermore, no device plays a more instrumental role in ensuring such protection than an effective and efficient dust extractor incorporating a fine filter. If you are to implement the most suitable dust control system in your own workshop, you will need to have a means of removing dust at the point at which it is created.


Even this, however, is only the first step of the process – after which, it is vital to consider the additional dust control methods that can be employed to further maximise protection. This is where the elimination of ambient dust becomes such a key priority if you are to avoid the inhalation of dust in your woodworking workshop, and the health issues that can result from it.

Enter a new, great British company


We are proud here at The ToolPost to serve as distributors of the high-quality ambient air filter range that has now been released by the British company, Thor Filtration, filling an important gap in the market left behind by the disappearance of the similar filters once marketed under the Microclene brand name.

An especially great option in this new range for medium-sized workshops of up to 75 cu. m. capacity is the TF810 model. This filter provides approximately 750 cu. m. per hour of air throughput, which is sufficient to provide the recommended minimum of 10 air changes per hour in a 75 cu. m. workshop. In a smaller workshop, of course, it will provide more frequent air change cycles, which equates to even greater cleaning efficiency.


Other attractions of this unit include its compact 'cuboid' form and the wide range of mounting options that it makes possible, without taking up as much space as the style of unit that must be suspended by chains from the ceiling.


Included with the TF810 are brackets that can be used to mount it flush onto a wall or ceiling, where its rear exhaust vents direct the exhausting air along the wall or ceiling. In the process, not only is air circulation improved, but uncomfortable draughts for the user are also avoided.

Order these industry-leading filtration units from us today


It is thanks to our close relationship with Thor Filtration that here at The ToolPost, we are now able to offer the company's complete range of filtration products, including filter media compatible with the now unfortunately unavailable Microclene filter units.


Please bear in mind that ambient air filters are not a complete solution to workshop dust hazards, but that when they are correctly specified, applied and combined with other equipment such as a good dust extractor, they can be invaluable for greatly enhancing air quality within your workshop.

Why hesitate to explore our comprehensive selection of Thor Filtration products here at The ToolPost today? At a time when there has never been a greater awareness of the critical importance of workshop health and safety, they may just be the best investment that you ever make as a woodturning practitioner!


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