Wivamac lathes

If you have an ambition to own a truly professional lathe, precision-engineered, yet robustly built, then you owe it to yourself to take a look at these splendid WivaMac lathes.

We have spent many years researching the lathes available in the marketplace because we believe that in order to offer lathes to our clients, we need to have total faith in the product being delivered. With very few lathes now being manufactured outside Asia, it is today very difficult to achieve that level of confidence. Having known Willy Vanhoutte, the founder of Wivamac, for many years, we have long been associated with this company's products and can offer them with confidence. These are products built with care, in Belgium. I also knew that this was a machine to which I would be proud to put my name, having bought, owned and turned on a DB1200 for several years. From that point it was an easy step to agree that the time had come to offer the DB series of woodturning lathes to a wider market.

The Zebrano is a new range of lathes from WivaMac sharing a common physical structure but with various options for bed lengths, drive packages, options and accessories. The primary models are listed here but if you wish to know more about the range, for a product brochure, or for pricing not shown here, please contact us for a personal consultation.

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