The VersaChuck is a four-jaw self-centring scroll chuck designed by The ToolPost for use by woodturners. It is based on an engineering chuck of robust design, mounted on an interchangeable backplate (ISO standard style) which carries the spindle mounting thread, allowing the chuck to be adapted to fit onto a variety of lathe spindles.

The name "Versatile Chuck" is no accident nor idle boast! The unique feature which characterises the VersaChuck is the provision of mounting jaws which are compatible with the accessory jaws produced by various leading manufacturers of chucks, the intention being to free the woodturner from the tyranny under which each manufacturer's chuck is capable of carrying only the jaws from that manufacturer: the VersaChuck is designed to be compatible with as wide a range of jaw types as possible, regardless of manufacturer. In addition can be supplied with dovetail jaws designed to give an excellent grip in both compression and expansion mounting modes ( annotated jaw dimensions diagram here).

An extended chuck key, which locates into either of the two square recesses in the body where it engages the captive pinions, allows easy one-handed operation and is supplied as standard with the chuck.

This truly is the most versatile chuck on the market and with an affordable price tag that belies its high quality. The end of the search for the ultimate chuck?

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Following on from the closure of The Toolpost in September 2020, the manufacturing, wholesale distribution and retailing of many of our own-brand products was transferred to Beaufort Ink
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