You could well be forgiven for thinking that abrasives would be contained within the finishing section, however we believe that it is such a key stage in every piece of work, that it should be consisdered as a stage in itself and separated from the cutting and finishing phases.

Firstly, let us remember that sanding IS NOT cheating. It is a process like and other and it is a cutting tool, playing a vital role in all but the most capable hands...and even then we would probably be wary about taking too close-a-look.

Whether you are carving, turning or woodworking, sanding is vitally improtant and thankfully the process remains the same across them all.

ALWAYS use each grade/grit in a sequence, skipping a grade or two will be obvious in the final finish, especially if you're goign to the 'glossier' end of the spectrum.

DO NOT treat worn out sanding materials as being finer grades than they are stated to be, they are not, they are simply worn out.

None of us are perfect! We all need to start with a coarser grit than we would like, we set our own expectations too high, but at the end of the day, who cares how you got to the finish you did, this is not a pride war, and if it were it should be based on the output, not the input...