Carving Machines (Duplicators)

The use of machines for the production of carved subjects is commonplace in continental Europe. The demand for machines of this nature, affordable but of robust construction and designed from a users viewpoint led by Wivamac, in Belgium to design such a machine and put it into series production. The runaway success of that machine is obvious from the impressive range of models now included in their line-up, as listed below.

These are machines engineered to last, from a maker who is dedicated to the production of high-quality woodworking machinery. 

In use for three-dimensional carving the "master" copy is placed between centres in the machine and a block of timber is centred in the second axis.  A router head is mounted in parallel with the tracing stylus and, by moving the stylus over the work, the router accurately mimics the surface traversed by the router. As work progresses, the workpiece is rotated in its centres which are geared to those holding the carving blank: thus the figure is progressively rotated and the whole piece can be carved. The angle of approach of the stylus/router can be adjusted such that a significant degree of undercutting is possible without the need to remount the figure. Setting up is quick and simple and these machines should be looked upon as production machines first and foremost.

In addition to their use for three-dimensional pieces, the Wivamac carvers can also be used for two-dimensional carving (for instance, door fronts or relief carving) simply by mounting a flat carrier in the holes provided on the bed surface. 

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