Wood Buffing

Wood buffing has been used by pipemakers to polish their briars for years but has not, until recent years, been widely utilized by other wood workers. We first became intrigued by the process when we met Jerry Beall and later saw the impressive results it produced in our own workshop. It didn't take much thought for us to decide to offer the Beall Wood Buff through our website.

Wood buffing wheels are similar to the metal buffing versions, but softer and looser, to conform to the contours of the work without blurring the detail. Since the buffing process adds nothing to the surface of the wood except a thin coat of carnauba wax - a non-toxic edible substance - wood buffing is a particularly good alternative for toys or pieces which are intended to contain food.

A novel idea? - Yes, but a brilliant one. Try it - you'll be amazed.

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