King Arthur Tools Merlin angle grinder system

When a guy as skilled as Nick Agar, wood artist, wood turner and wood sculptor of renown, adopts and paises a tool, you know that it has got to be a tool worth hearing about!

That is definitely the case with the US-manufactured products from King Arthur's Tools. Many of us have had poor experience with small scale angle grinders and found that, whilst they are small and sufficiently agile to fit into the spaces where we want to work, or to enable us to create the shapes we envisage on our work, too often they are found to be wanting in the reliability stakes.

The Merlin 2 grinder is different. Although looking, at first glance, very similar to another well-known, but unfortunately less robust and reliable, grinder on the market, that similarity is simply skin-deep - and shows how thoroughly the makers of the Merlin 2 understand our needs. Drop by and try the Merlin 2: feel the smooth power delivery, experience the powerful cutting action and enjoy the convenience of (optional) variable speed and you'll soon appreciate that Nick Agar knows a thing or two about power carving tools! This is one very sweet piece of kit, backed by a huge range of accessories, facilitating just about every woodcarving task you can imagine.

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