Flexcut carving tools and sets

The range of woodcarving tools, interchangeable and fixed blade, from Flexcut.

Every once in a while some bright individual happens along who applies a whole new way of thinking to a problem. One such case is Flexcut. Until now, every carver had to learn to manipulate his tools and often contort his body to create the cuts needed to produce the workpiece. But then Flexcut found a way to make the tool itself do its share of bending and contorting, and in the process a whole new style of carving tool was born. 

These tools, made of spring steel actually flex under carving pressure, adapting themselves to the shape of the cut being made and allowing cuts in places you never thought posible with conventional tools. 

We offer a selection of packages of these tools, each comprising a handle into which the interchangeable blades are fitted plus a selection of most-used blades.

Following on from the closure of The Toolpost in September 2020, the manufacturing, wholesale distribution and retailing of many of our own-brand products was transferred to Beaufort Ink
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