Rust inhibitors

Rust inhibitors for use on hand tools, machinery and in your toolbox.

If you keep your tools in a toolbox or similar, closed, container then probably the best long-term protection is to use ToolGuard VCI in your toolbox where it will work to release a protective vapour, each container being sufficient to protect a 50 litre (2 cu. ft.) volume for up to 12 months VCI offers simple, effective, unbeaten protection against corrosion. The released vapours contain active corrosion inhibitors specifically designed to protect iron and steel in damp and humid conditions (Up to 100% RH). ToolGuard VCI is available in packs of one, three or ten units to give on-going protection to your tools.

Machinery tables, lathe beds and similar large exposed surface can be partShield Technology ProtecTool wax polishicularly vulnerable to corrosion since, by their very nature, these items cannot easily be stored away from the dampness lurking in the workshop. For protecting these items, but equally suitable for use on exposed hand tools such as saw blades, chisel blades, hand plane soles etc. we recommend the use of ProtecTool Wax Polish . The product is a soft paste wax designed specifically to protect iron and steel tools and machinery from corrosion. Unlike ordinary wax polishes which, at best, can offer only barrier protection, ProtecTool contains a unique blend of powerful contact corrosion inhibitors suspended in a highly refined microcrystalline wax carrier. ProtecTool does not contain silicone compounds.

ProtecTool can be buffed to a sheen producing a low friction surface which eases the passage of timber across the machine table, reduces the effort of hand planing and counteracts blade jamming when sawing. No need to worry if your timber is damp or if damp shavings rest on your lathe bed: with ProtecTool Wax, your machine beds are protected.

MetalGuard Ultra and GreasExtra from Shield TechnologyMetalGuard Ultra is designed to give long-term protection to ferrous products by creating a micro-thin (two microns) coating on the surface, giving up to 2 years' protection against corrosion. The film is clear and will not yellow with age and parts can easily be wiped clean. This product has powerful water-displacement characteristics and thus can even be used to coat wet parts. MetalGuard may be applied by brush, spray or dipping. This product does not contain silicones and complies with DEF STAN 68-10/2 (PX24) and NATO CODE C-634. It is harmless to most plastics, rubbers and paints.

Shield Technology GreaseXtra is designed for coating parts which may be held in stock for some time in damp conditions, insuring against deterioration during storage. GreaseXtra contains a high proportion of unique, powerful corrosion inhibitors suspended in a highly refined gelled mineral oil. It produces a "self-healing" film which is capable of creeping and migrating into rolled or pressed seams and other small cavities where electrolytic action can create a galvanic cell causing rapid and potentially catastrophic deterioration of parts. Being a grease, this product can also be used to both lubricate and protect larger items of equipment operating in damp conditions. Removal is easy using a cloth dampened with white spirit.

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