These faceplates are produced by our Versachuck manufacturers to give a high level of performance with excellent value.  They feature holes laid out on metric radial pitches to ensure that you can always get sufficient screws into the workpiece somewhere.  These holes are countersunk on the face side to ensure that when your mounting screws produce 'pull-out' of the surface fibres of the workpiece, this will not prevent the piece lying flat and secure against the faceplate.

We supply these faceplates in thread sizes to suit most popular spindle threads.

We also include two dual threaded faceplates to suit 1.1/2 inch x 6 tpi spindles, featuring both left- and right-hand threads cut such that they cross each other and can be used on both left and right-handed threads.  These are intended for use with earlier lathes, such as the ever-popular Harrison Graduate (and its derivatives) which feature a right-handed thread on the inboard side of the headstock, for conventional turning, and a left hand spindle thread on the outboard side of the headstock, which is used for outboard turning "opposite-handed" (allowing the greater capacity of the outboard side of the headstock to be used). Since there is a very real danger of the equipment mounted on the spindle becoming detached under load, this thread has to be left-handed so that the working pressure keeps the facplate locked onto the spindle.

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