Thor Filtration ambient air filters

A wide range of drum, bench and wall mounted ambient air filters to help kee your workshop dust free.

The elimination of ambient dust is a further step in the three-point strategy to avoid the problems caused by inhaled dust in the woodworking workshop.  Despite any dust extraction we may use, there will always be residual dust in the atmosphere and it is the removal of this dust which is addressed by the well-proven, quiet, very efficient  and effective Ambient Air Filters which cost a few pence per day to run and typically filter to 0.4 micron .  Having used such a device in my own workshop for many years I can attest to the great improvement these filters make in the working environment.

For many years we have been happy to supply the Microclene units but these have now become unavailable.

We have been able to source replacement filters and media with similar sizes and specifications from another British company, Thor Filtration,  and we are pleased to be able to offer these and thus to break the hiatus in availability of quality ambient air filters.

Through our relationship with Thor Filtration we are now also able to offer continuity of supply of filter media for owners of Microclene filters as well as a directly compatible range of filter units of equivalent performance. The table below provides a cross-reference from Microclene products to the equivalent Thor Filtration products. Please refer to this when ordering filter media for an existing Microclene unit. For any unit not mentioned in the table or in the product listing, please drop us an email query as we may be able to assist.

To select the correct size for you workshop, bear in mind that you should be looking to achieve at least ten air exchanges per hour, so for example in a 35 cu. m. workshop you need to select a unit with a throughput of at least 350 cu. m. per hour. (e.g. TF470)

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