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Wood Finishing

There is no question in our minds that even the most beautifully turned piece of work can be elevated to new levels by approaching the finish in the right way.

Thankfully we each have our own preferences on this topic, from the high-gloss to the matte sheen and everything in the spectrum between. So from a simple sanding and oil finish to rich coloured, gilded and dazzling effects, this is where you need to be to actually 'finish' your project.

Whether you are seeking finishing products for completing your masterpiece of woodturning, woodcarving or cabinet-making, for repairing, renovating or maintaining your home and its furnishings or for aiding your other woodworking activities, we believe that you will find a suitable product in these pages.

When you have created your masterpiece of turning, carving or cabinetry, you will be justifiably proud: of its design, of its construction, of the choice of timber and of the workmanship.  But what is it that will first attract the eye of the beholder? 

Simple answer:  the finish.

We have gathered together a collection of what we believe are the best finishing products in the world for your delectation and delight - and to help you delight those who admire your work  From the humble sanding sealer to the latest in high-tech finishing systems, they are all worthy of your consideration.  We can even sort out the corrosion in your workshop.

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