Arbortech power carving equipment

The Arbortech carving discs have done a lot to make power carving much more accessible and rather safer than can be the case when using a chainsaw and its derivatives.  Indeed the Arbortech carvers have won the tough German seal of safety with their unique limited cutting depth design that reduces the damage caused if ever tool and flesh were to make contact.

Woodturners too are turning in ever-greater numbers to using these versatile tools to create sculptured and textured surfaces on their work.  Used with discretion, such techniques can lift a piece into another class, adding a touch of artistry which is [Textured bowl rim example by Les Thorne: click for larger image.]  often visibly lacking on plain finished items.  Care is required when using this technique and it may take a little time to learn and apply appropriate techniques (try and watch someone like Jimmy Clewes, Nick Agar or Les Thorne doing this style of work) but the rewards can be high when it is applied with skill.  The example shown, left, is by Les Thorne and shows a textured bowl rim that has been further enhanced by scorching.  Note that an oil finish is generally most successful with this technique.

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