Multi-Handles. Multiple-Choices.

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It’s no secret that multi-handles and tools have grown in popularity in recent years, notably because there are more options of handles and better availability of tools. That said, without heading here and holding each of the handles, it can be a daunting prospect trying to feel ‘informed’ about each of the handles and their respective characteristics.


With that in mind, we have tried to compile something of a ‘top trumps’ for multi-handles, leaving the final decision to you, but arming you with the information to do so.


It is worth noting at this point that you should always be aware of the ‘true’ diameter of your gouge and whether its stated size is European or American. Confused? Have a read of our previous post first.


Please bear in mind that as always, we only comment on tools we have used and which we sell – as turners ourselves, we believe this is key to being objective – ultimately subjective thoughts serve no-one. So here goes:





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