Cancelled: Summer Open House

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This may appear to be a rather premature move, given the Open House is some time away, however we have taken the decision that all those involved deserve to have adequate warning of the situation, from our demonstrators to our visitors.


We deeply regret having to take this decision, but we believe that with the latest announcement of the COVID-19 virus being classed as a pandemic, we all have a responsibility to act responsibly and in good time wherever possible. We have to recognise and react to the likelihood that the UK government will imminently implement the 'delay' phase or their containment strategy, with the consequence that public gatherings will be prohibited.


As a small business it takes great effort to organise our open houses, and we would hate to get "down to the wire" only to cancel proceedings with a few days to go, inconveniencing visitors, demonstrators and traders alike. As people begin to look at travel and accommodation for events in advance, we believe this is the most fair and pragmatic decision we can make at this time.

Many of the participants in these events, indeed in this activity, are drawn from the older sectors of society with some suffering from heart and/or respiratory conditions that render them particularly vulnerable to this infection, and with serious consequences: we would not wish to be responsible for presenting any undue risk to these individuals - or for that matter, anyone at all. Hence the decision, taken with heavy heart, to cancel this event.


Please do pass this message onto others whom may have been planning to attend but may not receive this information directly, such a clubs.


Thank you for your support and understanding.

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