Versachuck base components

The Versachuck is a 100 mm (outside diameter) scroll chuck.  This is derived from an engineering chuck design, giving the benefit of high precision, great strength and excellent gripping power within a compact outline.  The supplied chuck key is of the engineering type, with an 8 mm square spigot fitting into a matching square socket, captive in the chuck body.  The chuck body is supplied without mounting jaws, which must be selected separately (see below). This is the core component of the system - all users need one of these!

The Versachuck System comprises several elements from which the user can choose the parts required to best suit his/her purpose. The elements to select are as follows:-

  1. The chuck body - this is essential for all users and includes the chuck key. Choose this first!
  2. Next slect a backplate to fit your lathe spindle.
  3. Now choose mounting jaws , onto which workholding jaws are mounted - usually at least one set is required: select these to suit the workholding jaws you plan to use