Robert Sorby Turnmaster

With its 3-position head, the TurnMaster is indeed a cut above many other square section carbide tools on the market today.

This ability to quickly and easily rotate the head allowing the user to set a sheer angle, permitting the blade head to cut rather than rip. But when bulk removal is the key, these blades can be set horizontally to hog out materials at a superb rate.

These tools are ideally suited to denser timbers where fibres are less prone to tearing, and also acrylics/resins where there is no concern over grain interaction. 

The range of TurnMaster tools is also available with HSS or Titanium Nitride, both of which are sharper than their carbide counterparts but require a little more frequent sharpening, where carbide can not be effectively sharpened once the edge is 'gone'.

Detail (rhomboid) tungsten carbide cutter for Turnmaster

Robert Sorby
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