Short Bowl gouges

One thing about which I have had a "bee in my bonnet" for a long time is the seemingly ever-increasing length of most "standard" turning tools, primarily to satisfy the "bigger is always better" ethos which is prevalent in some important tool markets. At the same time we have seen a huge growth in the adoption of smaller lathes and especially "bench-top" lathes - such as those produced in great number by Jet, Record Power, Axminster, Charnwood etc., typically with a fixed headstock and 10 to 12 inch diameter swing over the bed. In order to use tools correctly and appropriately on lathes of this size the tools need to be proportioned to enabled them to be manoeuvred over the bed of the lathe and in the limited space between the workpiece and the tailstock.  The tools produced by most mainstream manufacturers fail singularly to meet this requirement. 

Thankfully, there are those who still believe that form follows function, and have stayed true to their valued of objectovity. These values have meant that there remain a good selection of tools designed primarily for those whom face the situation outlined above and find themselves restricted by the very tools which are meant to be helping make life easier.

These short tools are exactly that. They are shortened versions of their full sized parent tools, no comprimises. The same steel. The same grind. The same tool...just more compact!