Bead forming tools

Arguably, we have already covered bead forming tools in the beading and parting tools section, but the tools shown here are in fact "form tools" used to achieve the same ends quickly and with completely uniform results: every bead identical in height and width.The Easy Beader is an "inverse" version of the bead forming tool in that it starts by creating the grrove between the beads. Ring forming tools provide a means of producing loose-ringed items with no fuss or bother at all.

To produce a loose ring using these tools is simplicity itself. The bead is first formed by making a relief cut on either side of the bead using a parting tool. The ring tool is then located against the pre-formed bead and rotated around the bead so that its 'horn' cuts around behind the bead. This is repeated after inverting the ring forming tool to allow cutting from the other side until the ring falls free. Instructions are provided with the tools.