1236SD Sit-Down lathe

The Oneway 1236SD Sit-Down lathe is a unique concept in lathe design. Intended to make it possible for turners with limited physical mobility to be able to participate in turning in safety and comfort, the 1236SD allows the turner to work seated  either in a standard chair or from a wheelchair. The entire bed assembly rotates forward at the press of a hand to enable the seated turner to work with the legs under the bed, unobstructed by other parts of the lathes structure. An ingenious secondary banjo allows the turner to work at the rotated lathe with the same facility and ease of access as would be provided by a standard bed and banjo arrangement. With the lathe in the upright position it can be operated exactly as a standard lathe. A superb example of a manufacturer making a useful contribution to improving the lot of differently-abled turners.


Standard distance between centers is 24" ( 48" with Mini Bed Extension)
Overall length of machine - 62 "
Swing over bed - 12"
Swing over banjo - 9"
Weight: approximately 300 lbs (fully assembled)

The Bed: Bedways and ribs are welded to a 4½ inch diameter * ¼inch wall tube. The assembly is stress relieved and precision machined. Bedways are offset so chips and debris fall straight thru without sacrificing rigidity. Almost perfect torsional rigidity is achieved - many times more than twin tube or cast iron bed designs.

The Headstock & Spindle: The headstock and spindle features: 24 position indexing; Spindle lock; Spindle Thread: 1"-8 tpi (inboard) & 3/4"-16 tpi (outboard); Safety Groove in spindle to prevent accessories from unscrewing from the spindle; No. 2 Morse Taper (inboard side); 7/16" thru hole (supports necessary requirements for vacuum chucking).
The spindle is hardened, machined, and contain four bearings. The bearings are no maintenance greased for life.The spindle nose, which holds the front bearings, protrudes approximately 1½ inches in front of the headstock, allowing easy tool manoeuvring when working on the rear side of projects.

The Drive: The drive package is fully electronic variable, through an inverter, with speeds from 0 - 4500 RPM in both forward and reverse. The drive come from a 1HP motor mounted directly below the headstock and the electrical supply to the machine is 220 volts, single phase. The two speed ranges are achieved through a two-step pulley fitted with 6-goove ploy-vee belt drive.

The Tailstock: The tailstock has an 1-1/8" diameter quill with 3" travel. The 4" handwheel and the high lead on this screw allows rapid feeds for drilling. #2 Morse Taper throat.

The Banjo/Toolrest Base: Uses ONEWAY's own proven design that ensures even , powerful clamping anywhere on the bed (PATENT No. 6000447). The sliding cam is supported by a cam support block which rests on a ledge machined in the toolrest base. This sliding cam clamping mechanism ensures tight clamping and smooth operation in every position on the lathe bed.

Included with the 1236SD Lathe: 3" Faceplate (painted); #2 MT Live Center; #2 MT Safe Driver; 11" Stainless Steel Toolrest; Additional banjo/toolrest support for use with lathe in 'sitting' configuration. Spindle Lock Wrench; Aluminum Handwheel; Knockout Rod

Oneway Sit-Down Lathe, 12" dia x 36" capacity

Oneway Manufacturing
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£2,780.30 inc VAT£2,316.92 excl VAT
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