Killinger lathes

Killinger lathes are built to the high standard you would expect from a company based in Munich, Germany. Our experience with these lathes has left us with a very positive impression and the value offered by the lathes is truly quite remarkable.

A range of models is available catering for most points within the user spectrum and a comprehensive range of accessory and supporting products is available to cater for almost every turning need. The range includes both bench-mounted versions and, of course, floor standing models.

We are pleased to have typical lathes for your trial and examination in our shop and we would highly recommend that you review these lathes carefully: we think that you will be very pleasantly surprised.

Of course, we will be happy to provide more information upon receipt of your telephone call or email - though we believe that the opportunity to discus your needs almost always leads to a better buying decision as we are more than happy to give guidance and to share our experience.