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One of the delights of woodcarving is that one can commence enjoying the craft without needing to make major investment in machinery and equipment. One of the disappointments is that in order to undertake even simple carved projects, a range of tools is generally required. One tool is rarely sufficient for the true carver!

[Set of six basic carving tools from The ToolPost, shown with optional 10-pocket toolroll.] In keeping with our reputation for addressing the needs of craftspeople at all stages of their development, we have introduced an affordable range of tools for woodcarving that both meet basic needs of the beginner and which also provide a low-cost route to expanding the developing carver's toolkit.

The basic set of six carving tools comprises: 10mm double-bevel square chisel; 9mm double bevel skew chisel; 4mm shallow gouge; 5mm shallow gouge; 7mm shallow gouge; 4mm x 60 degree vee tool. Designed for hand use, the tools are equipped with 100mm  long x 21mm diameter hardwood handles and finished with plated ferrules. The blades are hand forged from high carbon steel and hardened and tempered to hold a fine edge.

Of course, it is always a good idea to ensure that tools are protected during storage: a second configuration of the carving tool kit is available which includes a real leather ten-pocket carver's toolroll. [Set of four supplementary carving tools from The ToolPost]

As the beginner carver becomes more skilled and more ambitious, inevitably there is a need for a wider range of tools. Hence we have also designed a companion 'extension' set of four further chisels (to give a 10-tool total kit ), in the same style as the basic set, but comprising: 4mm deep gouge; 1.5mm veiner (U-profile); 4mm curved 60-degree vee tool; 12mm bent square chisel. 

Here at last is an opportunity for new woodcarvers to acquire a range of tool to enable the tackling of a variety of small carving projects, for a very modest price.

6 pce starter carving set

The Toolpost
Part Number:
£48.00 inc VAT£40.00 excl VAT

4-piece extension carving set (Extends GCSET6)

The Toolpost
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£33.12 inc VAT£27.60 excl VAT
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