Saburr carbide burrs

When it comes to removing wood at a rapid rate there is little to beat a carbide burr. The same technology is capable of creating a cutting tool which leaves a fine smooth surface ready for final finishing.

The Saburr Carbide Rotary Tools harness these benefits and deliver them in a range of tools which are fast-cutting, non-clogging, smooth running, easily controlled and which have a very long operational life. The technology creates a cutter which has regularly-spaced, distinct and separate cutting points with clear space in between, giving these products their characteristic freedom from clogging and free-cutting characteristics.

We offer a range of these products including mounted points in a choice of shank sizes, cutting discs to mount on mini angles grinders (such as the Proxxon and Arbortech types) or on rotary carver hand-pieces, larger diameter (4 inch) versions for use on standard angle grinders, and sanding drums, complete with mounting arbors.

Whilst great for cutting wood, these burrs are also effective on rubber, plastics, bone, ice, fibreglass, epoxies, acrylic, graphite, soap stone and alabaster. In other words, these are tough and versatile tools!

Please note, these tools should not be used on metals or ceramics. In all cases eye protection should always be worn.