Wetstone Honing Fluid

There is something that seems intrinsically perverse about sharpening ferrous tools using water. Excellent though wetstone grinders such as the Tormek can be at sharpening tools, it is essential that tools are thoroughly dried after sharpening. Unless, that is, you render the water in your wetstone grinder trough non-corrosive by using HoneRite Gold in the water. This superb product is simply mixed with water to be used in the trough of the grindeHoneRite Gold and HoneRite #1 from Shield Technologyr and thereafter will inhibit corrosion both in the tools sharpened and in the machine itself.

The same tool-saving characteristics make HoneRite Gold the fluid of choice for lubricating Japanese waterstones and diamond sharpening systems of both perforated and solid plate construction.

HoneRite Gold is supplied as a concentrate: a 250 ml tin makes up into 6 litres of non-corroding honing fluid.

If you work with India stones or natural sharpening stones such as Arkansas or Washita stones, then HoneRite #1 is the product for you. It is a dual-action ultra-low viscosity honing and lapping fluid which speeds and eases sharpening by hand. Its low viscosity makes it a fast cutting fluid whilst its powerful anti-corrosive additives continue to protect your tools after sharpening. HoneRite does not contain silicones. Old, clogged oilstones can be revived by soaking the stone in HoneRite and scrubbing with an old toothbrush or similar to remove the loosened debris from the pores of the stone.