Woodwork apron, small size, heavy duty, natural cotton

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ToolPost ProDesign woodworker's apron, small size, heavy duty, natural cotton

These aprons are made in sizes Small, Medium and Large though, being aprons, they may better be described as Short, Medium and Tall. All are designed to reach generously below the knee. We've also re-sculpted the cut of the bib to give greater wrap-around, fully covering the chest area, and made them slightly more full in the 'skirt'. These aprons deliver what all aprons promise - protection.

Since almost every woodworker now gets involved with 'powered' woodworking at some stage, apron ties are a real hazard. Most of us are pretty hopeless at tying a taut bow at the back, which is why most aprons have long ties to make them easy to tie at the front. But that exposes the loose tape ends to the risk of entanglement in moving machinery and the possibility of injury to the wearer. To eliminate that risk the ProDesign aprons incorporate a unique fastening system that uses a simple click belt-style fastener to effect closure on a stout polyester webbing waist belt. No loose ends are involved since the belt is captive in the closure and generous waistband lengths ensure a wide fitting adjustability.

We incorporate the same principle in the neck loop so that there is ample length adjustability to suit wearers of different body proportions. There is another clip fastener incorporated in the loop, there's no need to struggle to poke one's head through the neck loop when putting on your ProDesign apron.

The front features a large pocket in the traditional style, firmly attached at the centre point, and deep enough to easily take an apron plane, a folding rule - and both your fists balled up! The pocket corners are generously rounded to eliminate places for things to hide in too. The bib features a double-ended horizontal pencil pocket to keep the sharp ends of pencils, those potentially deadly weapons, with little or no chance that you'll stab yourself in the neck with them - yet they are a

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ProDesign Joiners Aprons designed for the short, medium or tall woodworker designed by us