Wolverine wheel dresser. (needs Wolverine base or system)

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The Oneway Wolverine Dressing Jig provides the Turner with a simple and exact tool for the precision dressing and truing of grinding wheels. Grinding wheels must be regularly dressed to keep them sharp and clean. This is because grinding wheels are like sandpaper: they both become dull with use. The grit breaks down and becomes dull and worn and the voids between the grit grains become clogged with the metallic debris created by grinding (which is why wheels, in time, start to take on a silvery-grey sheen unless they are regularly dressed).

If grinding wheels are not sharp, they begin rubbing rather than cutting, which results in increased friction. This in turn can result in burned tools due to the overheating.

The Wolverine Dressing System consists of a Support Arm, and a sturdy Holder in which the Diamond is clamped.

The Support Arm slides into the Wolverine Grinding Jig base (which is part of the Wolverine Grinding Jig, Ref 2291. A base is not supplied with the dresser, but bases are also available as separate items under Ref 2795 if you wish to use the dresser independently of having a Wolverine Grinding Jig). The Holder is mounted into the Support Arm. A fine adjustment knob positions the diamond in relation to the wheel. Dressing the wheel in the required 0.001" increments is easily accomplished by turning the knob by one quarter turns. Only minimal care is needed for even finer increments.

The Oneway Wolverine Dressing system is the only dresser on the market that allows controlled removal of this minute amount of material. Because the Dressing Jig removes such small amounts, your grinding wheels will last much longer. Expensive wheels become a better investment!

Unlike conventional dressers, in which the dresser follows the surface of the wheel - simply mimicking any out-of-roundness imperfections of the wheel - the Oneway Wolverine Dresser is has an absolute reference - the grinder base - and so perfect cylindricity is achieved by dressing in thi

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