WivaMac sphere turning jig with gouge-type cutter

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Product description

This sphere cutting jig, developed by the late Heinz Risse with WivaMac, has important advantages over conventional sphere-turning systems that rely on a cup-type cutter, or a scraper tip. The cutting tool is in fact a development of a gouge and is locked at the optimum cutting angle in the chisel support which is mounted at the end of the radial swing arm which gives the system its sphere-cutting precision. The main advantage of this is that the wood fibres are better cut and that almost the entire surface of the work piece can be reached.

The maximum diameter balls which can be created with this system is 250 mm. (10 inch, approx.). Whilst there is no intrinsic limitation on the minimum diameter which ca be turned, an approximate guideline is 25mm - though with skill and practice, balls considerably smaller can be produced. An optional special attachment, DB1242N, is available to give improved access when turning smaller spheres.

The "Heinz Risse sphere cutting jig " is provided as standard with a gouge shaped blade, as described above.

About Wivamac Lathes and Carving Machines

WivaMac are producers of high quality, high performance, superbly built and specified woodturning lathes.

We have worked with WivaMac since our very beginings, indeed we were a customer before we were a retailer. We visited Willy's shop in Belgium where we lived at the time and this was our 'pilgrimage' for woodturning equipment.

We have seen the evolution of the machines over the years. Hemsley Sr. continues to turn on his DB6000 to this day, whilst Hemsley Jr. tackles work on a Zebrano - generations of owners, separated by generations of machines, it seems only fitting really.

To this day, WivaMac continue to put quality manufacturing and innovation top of their list and continue to deliver superbly considred lathes to those who settle for only the best.