U'Beaut Shithot Waxtik

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U'Beaut - Shellawax Products
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Shithot Waxtik from U'Beaut in Australia is an exotic blend of waxes including animal, vegetable and mineral waxes: Carnauba, the hardest wax of all; Ozocerite and Ceresin high melt waxes for extra hardness and water resistance, microcrystalline wax for water resistance and durability and a hint of beeswax. Waxtik is applied to the work directly with the lathe running and the wax is melted into the timber surface using the frictional heat created when the applicator cloth is moved slowly across the face of the work. Can be used over the Shellawax products and as a final finish over EEE-Ultra Shine. Shithot wax is non-toxic and safe for use on baby and culinary items. Supplied as a solid stick approx 25mm dia. x 130mm long.

About U'Beaut - Shellawax Products

An Australian company, U'Beaut speicalise in the manufacture of unique, high-performance woodfinishes with particular application in woodturning.

They have become especially well known over the years for their shellac based finishes, including the Shellawax liquid and cream.