U'Beaut Shellawax Cream, 250 ml

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U'Beaut - Shellawax Products
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Product description

Sharing many of the characteristics of the liquid form of Shellawax, Shellawax Cream is specially formulated for use on larger turned projects where it would normally be impossible to get a first class finish using a conventional friction polish and on stand-alone articles such as carvings. As with Shellawax, only one application is required to completely finish the work. Made using a specially formulated hard shellac as a base, this excellent product gives a hard, durable finish, with impressive resistance to marks and blemishes from water, alcohol and heat. The cream formulation retards the frictional drying characteristic of friction polishes, making it suitable for use on larger lathe-turned items such as bowls and platters. Being a cream, this product is easily controlled in application and is very economical in use. Shellawax Cream is non-toxic.

Pack Size: 250ml

About U'Beaut - Shellawax Products

An Australian company, U'Beaut speicalise in the manufacture of unique, high-performance woodfinishes with particular application in woodturning.

They have become especially well known over the years for their shellac based finishes, including the Shellawax liquid and cream.