U'Beaut Concentrated water dye, 7 x 50 ml

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U'Beaut - Shellawax Products
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Product description

U-Beaut' Concentrated Water-Based Dyes

Concentrated, non toxic, transparent, water dye. Can be diluted up to 10 times their volume in water and still have extremely strong dying capabilities. Very subtle pastel shades can be obtained by adding dye to 100 or even 1,000 times its volume of water. The dyes are NON-TOXIC making them safe for use on bowls, food utensils, children's toys, babies rattles, etc.

Pack contains 50 ml each of blue, orange, cedar, yellow, bright green, green black and brilliant red colours

About U'Beaut - Shellawax Products

An Australian company, U'Beaut speicalise in the manufacture of unique, high-performance woodfinishes with particular application in woodturning.

They have become especially well known over the years for their shellac based finishes, including the Shellawax liquid and cream.