Turning Green Wood PLUS Sharpening DVD by Mick O'Donnell

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Mick O'Donnell
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Most woodturners only seem to turn wet timber when they, like the timber, are 'green'! On the other hand, accomplished woodturners know that most of the world's most renowned hollow form turners use green timber almost exclusively. Mick O'Donnell has spent many years turning greeen wood into a wide variety of decorative and useful items. This DVD brings together his huge store of wisdom and makes it available to woodturners in a very watchable and easily assimilated form. Mick was also a pioneer of jig-guided sharpening, for which he created and marketed his own O'Donnell grinding jig (alas, no longer available), as well as developing the best Aluminium Oxide grinding wheels available for woodturners - the Ruby grinding wheels that still bear his name, since happily they are still available (from The ToolPost, of course). Who better then to teach tool sharpening, albeit with a special emphasis on the sharpening of tools to use in wet timber. This package provides both presentations on a single DVD.

About Mick O'Donnell

Acclaimed woodturner Mick O'Donnell has created a range of sharpening equipment.