Turnaround with Jimmy Clewes, DVD

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Jimmy Clewes
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Product description

The Turnaround presentation from Jimmy Clewes covers spindle work, tool sharpening, end grain work, box-making and a superb demonstration of creating a stunning large-diameter platter which he then colours beautifully. A very watchable production thanks to Jimmy's relaxed, informative, chatty, familiar, down-to-earth presentation style. For those who wonder, I have Jimmy's word that the impressive, apparently-endless ribbon-like shaving pictured flying off his gouge on the front cover of the Turnaround DVD is entirely genuine. Having many times worked alongside Jimmy and watched his demonstrations 'in the flesh' I have every reason to believe it is true! Of course, if he was a real turner, he would have made it fly across the room in the shape of his signature: obviously he was not concentrating that day!! (Oh, oh: sorry Jimmy, I've just realised - that IS your signature!)

About Jimmy Clewes

Jimmy is not your ordinary woodturner. Upon a first meeting one would think of him as a renegade, a free thinker and not within the stereotypical image of a woodturner - and you wouldn't be far wrong. 

Since his arrival on the proffessional woodturnign scene, Jimmy has been a true breath of fresh air, challenging the norms, the convensions and the status quo, and in doing so has helped push the practice and tools along with him.

Whether it is his design inspiration and guidance gained from his superb DVDs or getting your hands on his innovative hollowing tools, items bearing Jimmy's name can be approached with confidence and reassurance.