Strop, round and 45 degree edges, hand-held, ToolPost

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For final refining of the edges of carving tools and knives, many folk prefer to use the time honoured leather strop. This is the up-to-date version of the hand strop incorporating a handle for ease of use. As well as providing the large flat areas of the strop, the edges are profiled, one semi-circular and the other at a 45 degree angle and finished to a smaller radius to make it easier to work inside gouges similar areas. Overall length 375mm, 80mm wide. Strop face 230mm x 80mm approx. NB: Always drag the blade away from its cutting edge to minimise the risk of cutting the strop surface.

About The Toolpost

What's to say, this is us! We are woodworkers and have been retailing in the woodturning, carving and woodworking industry for over 20 year, across two generations. We sell tools we would - and indeed do - use. If it is on the shelves, it carries (for one reason or another) our seal of approval. We are wholly independent, we can choose wherever the wind blows, we have no formal affiliation, which makes our opinons and decision the only trulky inpartial ones in the country as things stand.

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