Spirit Stain, Light Mahogany, 250 ml, Chestnut Prods

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Chestnut Products
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Chestnut Products Spirit Stain

A quick-drying wood dye manufactured with high grade, fade resistant raw materials. Can be intermixed for colour matching or thinned using Spirit Thinners or Cellulose Thinners for delicate wash effects.

Typical uses: To colour wood prior to finishing

Method of application:

About Chestnut Products

First for Finishes, Woodturning products, finishing products, lacquers, stains, waxes, woodwaxes, woodstains, sealers.

Chestnut Products was created in the last decade of the twentieth century and quickly became a major supplier of woodfinishing materials to the hobby and professional woodturner as well as to other woodworking disciplines. Whilst Terry Smart is a familiar face at shows and demos, the story of how and why Terry created Chestnut Products isn’t often told…

Before forming Chestnut Products, Terry had already worked for what was then one of the biggest names in the coatings industry for eight years, during which time he gained vital experience in all aspects of manufacturing, formulation and technical support, as well as the sales and marketing associated with a top brand. The last five years there were spent managing and driving forward what was arguably the top selling wax in the country at the time.

Having dealt mainly with industry, Terry saw a need to make quality finishing products available to the serious amateur. 

Now over 25 years later, Chestnut Products hold an enviable position of being a major supplier to both hobby and professional woodworkers both in UK, Europe and the rest of the world. It might surprise you to know that despite this massive growth Chestnut Products is still only a very small company and the personal touch continues.

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