Sorby Modular Micro Sandmaster, without handle.

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Robert Sorby
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Product description

The Robert Sorby Modular Micro Sandmaster hand sanding system uses the energy of the workpiece rotation to drive the sanding pad. This version of the tool is supplied without a handle for use with the Modular Micro interchangeable handle or a home-made handle. The sanding head is attacked to the tool shaft with an adjustable knuckle joint so that the contact angle between head and shaft can be optimised to give the best combination of drive and sanding performance. The 1" diameter pad can be used with any 1" (25mm) diameter Velcro-backed abrasive media though, of course, it is particularly designed for use with the matching Sorby media. Compared to power sanding, the Sandmaster creates less dust, primarily because it removes less material from the workpiece per unit time: this can be an advantage for those who seek to reduce the dust created by their turning activities. If you are primarily concerned with sanding larger workpieces, Sorby also offer the Sandmaster (ref: 410) which features a 2" (25mm) diameter sanding pad for use with Sorby 412A sanding discs, and a wooden handle.

About Robert Sorby

Robert Sorby is widely regarded amongst the finest woodturning tool manufacturers in the world. There’s a good reason for this. For generations their groundbreaking tools and innovation in the industry have helped drive the craft forward. Following this simple path has ensured a dedication to quality, a desire for innovation and a reputation that demands excellence.

These enduring features make Robert Sorby tools among the best in the business.