Sorby Jig Adaptor Table

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Robert Sorby
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Product description

The Jig Adaptor Table bolts to the top of th basic platform of the Sorby 446 and 447 grinding jigs to enable the jig accessories developed for the ProEdge such as the gouge jig (PEVB); the woodworking chisel jig (PESQ) and the Woodworker's square guide (PESQW) to be used on a conventional grinder.

About Robert Sorby

Robert Sorby is widely regarded amongst the finest woodturning tool manufacturers in the world. There’s a good reason for this. For generations their groundbreaking tools and innovation in the industry have helped drive the craft forward. Following this simple path has ensured a dedication to quality, a desire for innovation and a reputation that demands excellence.

These enduring features make Robert Sorby tools among the best in the business.