Sorby Eccentric Chuck unthreaded (includes insert, as reqd.)

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Robert Sorby
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Product description

The Robert Sorby Eccentric Chuck is a sophisticated chuck for multi-centre turning. This is the insert version which uses a threaded insert to adapt to the spindle thread of the lathe.

Ease and accuracy of adjustment (without removing the workpiece from the chuck) is provided by the unique offset boss which accommodates the three different driving components on which to mount your workpieces, viz:- 1) - Screw chuck; 2) - Ball drive and socket; 3) - Faceplate

The Eccentric Chuck provides the capability of driving from the headstock with or without tailstock support. The boss can be off-set incrementally to a maximum eccentricity of 1¬" (30mm) from the zero datum point.

Whilst not exactly a workshop essential for most woodturners, this ingenious piece of kit affords the more cerebral turner many, many house of enjoyment in creating 'impossible' turned pieces. Give you family and friends gifts with a whole new twist!

The price of this chuck includes the insert required for mounting the chuck on the lathe spindle: the appropriate insert should be selected from the range of 'Patriot' threaded inserts. (NB: the thread in this version of the chuck is designed ONLY as a mount for the threaded insert: it is NOT a spindle thread of any standard form and cannot be used to mount the chuck on a lathe.)

About Robert Sorby

Robert Sorby is widely regarded amongst the finest woodturning tool manufacturers in the world. There’s a good reason for this. For generations their groundbreaking tools and innovation in the industry have helped drive the craft forward. Following this simple path has ensured a dedication to quality, a desire for innovation and a reputation that demands excellence.

These enduring features make Robert Sorby tools among the best in the business.