Sorby DeLuxe Sharpening Jig (incl. Fingernail Profiler)

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Robert Sorby
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By far the most popular option among Robert Sorby's range of sharpening jigs is the Deluxe Universal Sharpening System (ref. 447) which combines the best features of the Fingernail Profiler (ref. 445) and the Universal Sharpening System (ref. 446).

The reason for its popularity is that in one unit there is the capability to sharpen a wide range of woodworking tools. It is compact, flexible, solidly constructed and easy to use. This jig takes all the guesswork out of returning tools to a more usable condition.

Sharp tools make work so much more of a pleasure and take away a lot of frustrations. Always remember the key to good sharpening is little and often - do not wait until tools are blunt and practically unusable.

The system is supplied with comprehensive fitting instructions.

In order to use the extra jigs an Adaptor Table (ref. 447JAT) needs to be fitted to the platform. This features a groove into which extra jigs can be positively located to give extra control.

The system is supplied complete with a base so that it can be mounted in front of the wheel of your bench grinder, where it should be secured by screwing to the grinder baseboard.

About Robert Sorby

Robert Sorby is widely regarded amongst the finest woodturning tool manufacturers in the world. There’s a good reason for this. For generations their groundbreaking tools and innovation in the industry have helped drive the craft forward. Following this simple path has ensured a dedication to quality, a desire for innovation and a reputation that demands excellence.

These enduring features make Robert Sorby tools among the best in the business.