Skilton Sander Handle assembly only

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Tim Skilton
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Product description

This product is the handle assembly complete with bearings for the Skilton hand-held shear sanding system. A sanding pad is NOT included: to complete the product, please select one of the compatible sanding pads listed on this page (a choice of 50 mm or 75 mm is available). Tim Skilton, the renowned Australian woodturner designed his various sanding pads after becoming frustrated with the low quality and poor efficiency of the pads available to him on the market at that time. This shear sanding tool is designed to use one of Tim's excellent sanding pads mounted in a pair of 'real' bearings at a pre-set angle to create an effective low-cost shear sanding system combining ease of use, with the legendary durability of the Skilton sanding pad. The pads are interchangeable, simply by pulling the spindle out of the bearing assembly, so you can swap between 75 mm and 50 mm versions at any time. With its short handle, this sander is compact enough to access almost anywhere: the fixed head angle means that it is more compact than other shear sanders too so access within bowls and under rims and lips is excellent.

About Tim Skilton

Manufacturer of Sanding Pads and discs