Silverline Lip & Spur bit set; 5 piece, (4, 5, 6, 8, 10 mm)

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Silverline (ToolStream)
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Product description

Lip and Spur bits are designed to cut clean holes in timber by scribing the periphery of the hole with the two spurs before the lip (cutter) removes the timber from the core area. This low-cost set of drills from Silverline provides 5 drills from 4mm to 10mm diameter, suitable for ocassional DIY use.

Cutting diameters: 4; 5; 6; 8; 10mm respectively
Cutting length (max): 40mm on 4mm drill to 65mm on 10mm drill
Shank diameter (minimum chuck capacity reqd.): same as nominal drill diameter
Overall length: 75mm for 4mm drill to 115mm for 10mm drill
All dimensions are approximate and given for general guidance only. Subject to change without notice.

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