Shield Technology Restore rust remover, 250ml

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Restore Rust Remover - Trade strength, conservation quality

Restore Rust Remover is a water-based, non-acidic, non-toxic, biodegradable derusting concentrate. The contents of the 250ml bottle, when mixed with plain tap water makes 5 litres of fluid (approx 1 gallon).

Because it does not contain any acids, only the rust is removed, leaving good metal undamaged. Once the rust has been removed the chemical reaction stops. (Products containing phosphoric acid will remove both the rust and a certain amount of good metal which may not be desirable).

Because of the absence of acids, there is no danger of flash rusting occurring when parts are removed from the bath. In fact, parts will remain rust free without further protection for a considerable period, allowing plenty of time for painting, chemically blackening, or plating parts or tools.

Alternatively, to give longer protection in the 'bare', cleaned state, they may be protected with MetalGuard Ultra, GreaseXtra or ToolGuard VCI.

The derusting solution may be used over and over again until the solution becomes blackened and the reaction time becomes excessively slow.

Because the residue is completely biodegradable the spent solution may be flushed down the drain without harm to the environment. Litre for litre, Restore Rust Remover is the most economical product of its kind currently available.

Pack Size: 250ml

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Removes built-up rust and it will also continue to protect your tools after the initial rust has been removed.

If this talk of corrosion prevention seems to be a little late in the day for your tools, then there's still no need to despair. Those clever folk at Shield Technology have a solution even for this sorry state of affairs. Restore Rust Remover will not only remove built-up rust but it will also continue to protect your tools after the initial rust has been removed.

The non-acidic, water-based formulation of Restore only removes the rust from your tools and will not attack plastics, rubbers and non-ferrous metals. The solution is biodegradable when spent and is very economical in use with the 500 ml bottle making up a solution of 10 litres for rust remover, for normal use. 

Parts need to be degreased before treatment with Restore Rust Remover and for thSection of saw blade treated with Restore Gel allowing comparison of treated and untreated sectionsis purpose Restore Pre-Clean is ideal. This product too is biodegradable and supplied as a concentrate which is made up to the required strength using water. Loose rust should be removed by wire brushing before using either of the products mentioned here.

If the part to be de-rusted is not suitable for immersion treatment - maybe it is still 

mounted in situ or is too large for the treatment bath - then the new Restore GEL formula from Shield Technology provides a perfect solution. When the time came to try out this new "wonder solution" we happened to have an old heavily rust-encrusted two-handed saw lying around in a very sad state. Not so much in need of TLC as never having had a whiff of it since it left the maker's factory!

Detail of saw blade after treatment with Restore Gel from Shield TechnologyWe masked off a dividing line with tape (visible upon removal as the slightly darker coloured lines on the photos) and set to following the instructions on the bottle - basically consisting of massaging the gel onto the tool surface using a kitchen pan scourer pad. We used no pre-treatment whatsoever: no sanding, no wire brushing, no going-over with emery cloth - not even a wipe down with an oily rag. The results you see in the accompanying photos are wholly down to the efficacy of the product. Coating the treated half of the saw with the gel took about five minutes, maybe less. We were so impressed by the result of the first treatment that we followed up with a second attempt - and were amazed to see that the good results from the first test got even better. You can repeat the treatment and, to a point (as yet undetermined), see improved results each time.

The process does not exactly turn base metal into gold (if it did, we'd be using it, not selling it to you!!!) but it gets pretty d***** close. A rusty widget dug out of the garden will not be turned into a shiny "as-made" mantlepiece-gracing artefact in seconds, but tools and ferrous components which have become unsightly and/or unusable because of corrosion will definitely be rescued by this process. A final bonus is that the tools are also left with a finish which has a degree of corrosion-resistance, though this should, in most cases, be augmented by the use of the preservative products listed above.Click for larger image of the plane and the amazing results of treatment with Shield Technology rust removal products

Showing just how dramatic the cleansing action of Shield Rust Remover can be, the accompanying photo of a Stanley No 5 plane bears witness. This is, of course, a composite photo but is composed of two separate 'before' and 'after' images (I know because I composed it myself and I still have the original images!) The plane had been left for several months exposed to the elements after the roof of a workshop collapsed under the weight of snow last winter. After several weeks of exposure to the elements and then storage, still in situ in the crumbling workshop but under a tarpaulin - a guarantee of humid rust-promoting conditions - the plane was finally dug out and presented to Paul Prince of Shield Technology with a request that he make it usable again. GIven the severity of the corrosion, Paul soaked the plane for four hours with the solution at a temperature of 50 degrees and what you see is the stunning result.

Instructions for use are provided on the product labels.