Sharpening Techniques. Glenn Lucas DVD: Master'g Woodturning

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Glenn Lucas
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In this production, Glenn focusses on that most important, yet most under-studied and ill-performed task of the woodturner - tool sharpening. Glenn knows that the quickest way to great sharpening results comes through the use of a jig. Here you can see his demonstration of using various jigs, including our own particular favourite, the Oneway Wolverine, as he sharpens the range of tools using the grinds for which he has become world renowned - and much admired. The DVD includes sections on both dry and wet grinding as well as the use of belt-based sharpening systems. As we have come to expect from Glenn, this is a thorough and competent presentation of this essential skill, clearly and enthusiastically presented.

About Glenn Lucas

Glenn Lucas is one of the worlds leading exponents of bowl and hollow form turning.

Glenn has made a career out of woodturning and has arguably turned more bowls than those before him... His expertise and techniques are well covered and highly regarded, and his focussed DVDs offer the ideal way to learn.