Record Power 6in. Bench Grinder with 40 mm AlOx wheel, 370w

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Record Power
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Product description

The Record Power RSBG6 Grinders have a reputation for robustness, making them a good choice for the home workshop, particularly for woodturners, who will appreciate the wide (40mm), white AlOx wheel, ideal for sharpening HSS turning tools. The grinder body is cast iron to reduce vibration and give the smooth operation with rubber feet to dampen vibration whilst running.

This grinder is our first choice for effective, economical sharpening of woodturning tools, when used in conjunction with a suitable grinding jig such as the Oneway Wolverine

The build quality and reliability of these grinders is superior to that of many of the low-cost machines on the market. Record Power grinders are designed to give many years of service and our experience of them has generally been excellent.

Like all new grinders, the wheels benefit from careful dressing prior to use and once the AlOx wheel shows signs of significant wear we can supply replacement wheels in the superior Ruby grade Aluminium Oxide.

NB: the grey wheel supplied with this grinder should NOT be used for sharpening HSS tools, such as turning tools. Keep it for cold chisels and similar 'rough' jobs! (Or let us replace it with a more suitable, and superior, wheel from our Ruby, or CBN, ranges).

Wheel Diameter: 150mm (6 ins.)
Wheel width: White AlOx wheel: 40mm (1.1/2 ins.); Grey Corundum wheel: 20mm (3/4 in.)
Motor Power: 370 watt (1/2 h.p.)
Shaft Diameter : 1/2 in. (12.7mm) - this is information needed when you order replacement wheels, with mounting bushes.

About Record Power

Record Power has a long and impressive history. Established in Sheffield, the heart of the UK's steel industry, and stretching back over 100 years, Record Power enjoy an enviable reputation for creating high quality tools through our many years of experience and unparalleled knowledge in manufacturing and design.

It's policy of continual improvement and development has seen it remain at the forefront of tool manufacturing whilst also acquiring and developing such brands as Coronet of Derby, Burgess from Leicester and CamVac. In addition, its industrial brand, Startrite, also has a long history of providing high quality, durable machinery to the trade professional and various features of these machines are the inspirations behind aspects of many Record Power machines.