Ray Iles O1 plane iron, 1.3/4 inch wide

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Ray Iles (The Old Tool Store)
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We stock replacement plane irons produced in the UK from high performance alloy steels. Always razor sharp and a perfect match to bring working functionality back to an old or well used plane.

This is the RI020 a replacement Bench Plane Iron 1 3/4" - To Fit Stanley No. 3; Record 03; and Bedrock equivalents. Manufactured from O1 alloy steel.
These are steels possess high hardenability and wear resistance, and with average toughness. The use of oil quenching and air-hardening helps reduce distortion, avoiding the higher stresses caused by the quicker water quenching. These alloys increase the steels' hardenability, and thus require a less severe quenching process and as a result are less likely to crack. They have high surface hardness and are often used to make knife blades.

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