Proxxon cylindrical TCT rasp, 7.5x12 mm.

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Product description

Proxxon TCT rasp perfect for sculpting, cleaning and smoothing of wood and fibreglass; precision working on and refining of carved flutes, grooves and furrows.

Extremely sharp cutting teeth and very easy to handle. The material can be worked without physical effort no matter whether it is cut with or against the grain. High stability and easy to clean with a blow torch flame applied judiciously (carburise the trapped timber and then brush away the charred remains with a brass brush). Also for use on rubber, foam and silicone.

Working speed range 5,000 ~ 20,000rpm, 3.2mm shank. Not for use on metal. Rasp is 7.5mm diameter and 12 mm long.

About Proxxon

For several decades, Proxxon has been producing tools for the MICROMOT system in Wecker/Luxemburg. High quality fine power tools for model makers, precision mechanics, mould makers, tool makers, opticians, goldsmiths, watch-makers and more.

Quiet, precise and vibration-free.