Powergrip jaws for SuperNova chuck (77-98 mm spigot capy.)

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Product description

NOVA PowerGrip Chuck Accessory Jaw Set

This is the most powerful jaw available for large spigot/hollow form turning on the SuperNOVA2. (This jaw is suitable for the SuperNOVA2 chuck, but not recommended for use with the NOVA G3). There is tremendous holding power both externally and internally. The jaws are ideal for turning green wood.The top of the jaw offers a dovetail grip both internally and externally for bowl or platter work. It is in the depth combined with NOVA's PowerGrip internal design where this jaw comes into its own. The jaws offer a rock solid grip on spigots when turning large hollow forms or even green timber, which is initially out of balance.

Fitted to the SuperNOVA2, the jaw expands into a recess between 95mm and 116mm diameter.
When gripping a spigot the range is 77mm to 98mm diameter.
These jaws will also hold square stock between 55mm and 76mm.
Recommended by manufacturer for use only with SuperNova2 chuck (not with G3).

(These jaws may also be mounted on the Versachuck fitted with Supernova-compatible mounting jaws - ref: V3SNJAW)
NB: The 'perfect circle' gripping size for these jaws is approximately the minimum size shown in each range, above.

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