Planet Slim Deluxe Centre, MT1

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Product description

This Slim design of live centre is well-deserving of the epithet 'DeLuxe'! Unlike most live centres used in woodturning, the body section of this centre remains stationary whilst only the tip section rotates, removing one of the concerns that some turners have in terms of getting their digits close to moving machinery. A further unusual feature of this centre is that it sports three bearings, instead of the usual two, and the additional bearing is a thrust race to withstand heavy end loads. The centre is particularly suitable for use on smaller work or delicate work where a stable, precision mounting is especially important.

Morse Fitting: 1MT (also available in 2MT fitting)

Body Diameter: 26mm : 1in. (approx.)

Point Diameter: 12mm : 1/2in. (approx.) with 60 degree cone angle. Tip of cone projects approx. 20 mm (3/4in.) beyond body.

About Planet Manufacturing

The Rotur brand has for many years been known to woodturners worldwide, associated with well designed top quality woodturning tools and accessories. Planet Plus Ltd are continuing to manufacture this range to the highest standard, ensuring the woodturner accurate workmanship.