Planet Pen Turning Kit, boxed, MT1

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Product description

A complete pen turning kit based on the standard (1/4 inch) pen mandrel, MT1 mounting, from Planet.

In addition to the mandrel itself, as detailed below, this kit contains five (5) complete gold slimline pen kits, for which the maker need only supply the timber or acrylic pen blanks, along with an adjustable pen blank trimmer and three long-series 7mm drill bits for drilling the blanks - and an excellent instruction booklet describing the full process of making a pen from these kits.

The supplied pen mandrel is designed to be fitted into the (MT1) Morse Taper throat of the lathe spindle: length of the mandrel shaft is altered by moving it in and out relative to the headstock, sliding it through the mounting body, into which it is locked using a grub screw (wrench supplied). The outer end of the mandrel must be supported during pen turning using either a standard live centre or a Pen Mandrel Support (See items ref: PMS1).

The mandrel is supplied with a set of standard 7mm pen bushings and also a set of tapered bushings which can be used to turn other sizes of pens (7mm is the 'standard' bore used by many pen kits). The bushings and pre-drilled pen blanks are locked in place on the mandrel using the locknut and hex. nut supplied: a suitable hex key and spanner are also provided.

About Planet Manufacturing

The Rotur brand has for many years been known to woodturners worldwide, associated with well designed top quality woodturning tools and accessories. Planet Plus Ltd are continuing to manufacture this range to the highest standard, ensuring the woodturner accurate workmanship.