Planet All-In Pen Turning Kit 2MT

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Product description

The Planet All-In-One Pen Turning kit provides everything that you need to start making pens on your lathe. Not only does it contain the equipment you need to start making pens, it also has all the bits to support your ongoing pen-making activities. Apart from turning tools, abrasives and finishes, everything is here in the box - even pen blanks - at a great-value price.

The kit is built around the superb, easily-operated, colleted Deluxe Pen Mandrel from Planet with its unique easy-sliding brass collet: unlike its competitors, the Planet mandrel shaft slides easily both in and out of the body simply by loosening the locking collar. Try any of the thers and we're sure that you'll agree with us that Planet have created a brilliant piece of kit in this mandrel.

The contents of this comprehensive package include:-

  • DeLuxe Pen Mandrel with body to fit 2MT spindle bore
  • 10mm spanner to lock mandrel collet
  • Locking nut kit for mandrel
  • 5x 7mm ball pen kits,
  • 1x 10mm Rollerball pen kit
  • 5x pen blanks in variety of timbers (content will vary)
  • 1x Acrylic pen blank (random colour/pattern selection)
  • 16mm trimming tool
  • 25mm trimming tool
  • 3 piece set of 7mm dia. pen bushings
  • 3 piece set of 10mm dia. stepped pen bushings
  • 3x 7mm dia. pen drills
  • 3 x10mm dia. pen drills
  • Instruction leaflet

About Planet Manufacturing

The Rotur brand has for many years been known to woodturners worldwide, associated with well designed top quality woodturning tools and accessories. Planet Plus Ltd are continuing to manufacture this range to the highest standard, ensuring the woodturner accurate workmanship.