Ornamental turning attachment for use with CompAcc system

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Wivamac Lathes and Carving Machines
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The DB1420 Ornamental Turning positioning head mounts in the adaptor on the compound table and provides a rotating spindle with an M33 x 3.5 mm thread to allow a chuck or faceplate, for instance, to be mounted on the spindle to hold the workpiece. The axial rotational position of the positioning head is governed by a 24/60 hole indexing plate, giving great flexibility in the positioning of the head relative to the baseplate. Also provided is a cutter carrier which mounts on the main spindle of the lathe (M33 x 3.5mm threads only) and which has a series of mounting holes for the toolholder, allowing it to be set at various offsets from the axis of the lathe spindle (hence the tool tip describes a circle about the lathe axis as the lathe spindle rotates). By progressively rotating the workpiece held on the DB1420 positioning head, and locking it in position at discrete intervals using the indexing plate, decoration etc. can be applied in a regular pattern around the workpiece using tooling held in the headstock spindle-mounted toolholder. The exact planes of intersection between the workpiece and the locus of the cutter can be adjusted by moving the DB1420 head by indexing the compound table along either of its axes of movement - plus, it can be swivelled on the lathe bed for an angled approach, if required.

About Wivamac Lathes and Carving Machines

WivaMac are producers of high quality, high performance, superbly built and specified woodturning lathes.

We have worked with WivaMac since our very beginings, indeed we were a customer before we were a retailer. We visited Willy's shop in Belgium where we lived at the time and this was our 'pilgrimage' for woodturning equipment.

We have seen the evolution of the machines over the years. Hemsley Sr. continues to turn on his DB6000 to this day, whilst Hemsley Jr. tackles work on a Zebrano - generations of owners, separated by generations of machines, it seems only fitting really.

To this day, WivaMac continue to put quality manufacturing and innovation top of their list and continue to deliver superbly considred lathes to those who settle for only the best.